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the happenings of miss hannah gamble. I am a freelance illustrator, specializing in beautiful, bespoke illustrations of animals and beloved pets.

Sneak peak! The work never ends! :)

wilygecko said: I am interested in your rooster and hen prints. How much and how? The rooster looks so much like mine.

Prints are £70, and come in a beautiful black frame with an off-white mount. Alternatively, you can have the print for £60 without the frame.

Thank you for your interest x x

rachelanne716 said: Just wanted to stop by and say that I am so glad I found your blog, your art is absolutely gorgeous. Your command of line and color amaze me. I find it really adorable how much you love chickens and I thought I would get tired of looking at illustration after illustration of hens, but I didn't, They're all beautiful and interesting!

Thank you so much for stopping by - in all honesty, I thought I’d be bored of drawing them by now, but I seem to just keep coming back to them! As long as you don’t get bored of looking at my hens, I’m a very happy lady! :) x

z0kni said: I'm obsessed by chickens, I really love them and when I found your blog I can say that I'm not alone! Your art is beautiful, maybe I'm gonna order something... this blog just really made my day! Have a wonderful day! :)

You wonderful, kind creature, thank you for just making MY day! :) x x

softwiings said: I love your blog so much! I can't help but grin whenever I see your art on my dashboard, the chickens especially I just, love them so much. Your lines and colors are gorgeous and I can't get enough! Thank you for running such a great blog! I really admire your art and I hope you are having a great day!

What a wonderful message to receive, thank you so much - i’m definitely having a great day now! x

Introducing three new available prints.

These three images are now available as prints (apologies, the originals are not for sale). All prints come framed in a modern black box frame with an off-white mount. Please message me for more details and commissions.

Thanks again for all your continued support and lovely messages. 


arcticrayven said: Do you sell your art? Love your work!

Yes I do! I’m literally updating my available prints as we speak, so look out for a post very soon which showcases my latest works for sale.

g0ne-fishinn said: I love your chicken pictures!

Thank you so much :) There’s plenty more on the way.


Portrait progress. Plenty more chickens to see soon, I’m on a roll! :)


Red hen, western meadow lark, ruffed grouse, carolina wren

Beautiful bird imagery - I wish I had the patience and skill to have a go at watercolours! 

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Completing a series of miniature chicken portraits for an expo I will be attending in October.

Really love these tiny birds!

You are all wonderful.

I have reached 300 followers today.

I am very happy - thank you. This might not be a big number in the big wide world of Tumblr, but I appreciate each and every one of you. More chickens on the way.

In other news, i’m drawing to the Rocky soundtrack. I’m not sure why.

My day so far: Bacon, eggs, hen colouring.

Lazy photo taking… three equally lazy girls. Finished!

Lazy photo taking… three equally lazy girls. Finished!


i love chickens so much i wish we had our own coop in the backyard

Serious ‘Awwwwwww!’


i love chickens so much i wish we had our own coop in the backyard

Serious ‘Awwwwwww!’

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